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4 EBMM Guitars

Johnny has been a long time fan and endorser of Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. Johnny's main guitars are two beautiful 1998 Axis Sports along with his tried and true Silhouettes.

All of his guitars are fitted with custom pickguards, knobs, and wiring harnesses. The harnesses are loaded with Johnny's signature pickups from Electric City Pickups.


   Axis Sports
Comins Archtop

Johnny has recently acquired a Classic Model Archtop from custom luthier Bill Comins. He uses the archtop both in the studio and for select live performances.

Godin Guitars

Johnny uses a Godin Acousticaster, a Godin 5th
Avenue Kingpin
, and a Godin Multiac nylon string.


Johnny also has his 1939 Gibson J-45, that belonged
to his grandfather, and his 1968 D-35 Martin, that he
uses in the studio.

Gibson and Martin Acoustic Guitars
Amps and Effects Title


Johhny has been groovin' on his new Reeve's Space Cowboy from Destroy All Guitars. He pairs this incredible
100w head with two of his signature Johnny Hiland 4x12 cabinets (loaded with Celestion G12-K100's) from Avatar speakers.


Johnny recently did a few demos for D.A.G featuring this awesome setup, make sure to check these out!



Space Cowboy/Musicman Axis


Space Cowboy/Telecaster


Space Cowboy/Les Paul


DAG Logo DAG Logo


Like many guitar players, Johnny is always on the hunt for new effects to enhance his tone.
Here is some new gear Johnny has been checking out, as well as the effects that are used on his pedalboards.


Super-Vee Blade Runner


AmpRX Brown Box



Johnny has 4 main pedal boards. He uses
Pedaltrain pedal boards and powers them with Voodoo Lab and Visual Sound power supplies.


Touring: PedalTrain Terra 42

            Voodoo Lab Mondo


Studio: Pedaltrain Pro

           Voodoo Lab Mondo


Club gigs: Pedaltrain-2

               Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2


Fly dates: Pedaltrain Mini

              Visual Sound One Spot

GoGo Chromatic

GoGo Caliber

GoGo Horizon

TC Electronic Polytune 2

Hardwire PolyChromatic


Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor

TC Electronic Hyper Gravity Compressor

JHS Pulp n' Peel

Wampler Ego Compressor

Barber Tone Press
Empress Compressor


Johnny Hiland Grumble Box

Metal Pedals JH-3

TC Electronic Mojo Mojo Overdrive
Jetter Red Shift

Hardwire Tube Overdrive
Barber Small Fry
Big Joe Vintage Tube

JHS Morning Glory

JHS Angry Charlie V3

JHS Moonshine V2

Carl Martin Plexitone Single Channel

Carl Martin AC Tone

Cast Engineering Texas Flood

Boss Fender 59' Bassman pedal

MXR La Machine

MXR Super Badass

MXR Custom Badass 78' Distortion

Dolphin Sound Fuzz

KHDK Scuzz Box


ISP Decimator
This is a must have pedal, for Johnny,
on every board! This pedal cuts all
un-needed noise from your signal,
without gating your tone.

TC Electronic Sentry

Arion Chorus/Vibe

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
DLS RotoSim

DLS Tremolo
DLS RotoSpin

DLS Versa Vibe

DLS Chorus Waves

JHS Honeycomb Deluxe

Digitech Mosaic

Eventide Pitchfactor

Digitech Polara Reverb
Hardwire Tremolo
Hardwire Phaser
Hardwire Delay
Hardwire Reverb
Big Joe Phaser

TC Electronics Flashback X4

TC Electronic Nova Delay

TC Electronic Pipeline Tremolo

TC Electronic Mimiq Mini

Cast Engineering Casper Delay

Cast Engineering Pulse Drive

Xotic RC Booster



Gig-fx Johnny Hiland Kilo-Wah

Dunlop CAE Wah

Dunlop Hendrix Wah

Digitech Whammy


EQ Header

Voodoo Lab Giggity

Boss EQ


Looper Title

Carl Martin OctaSwitch MKII

Loop Masters 10 loop pedal switcher


Looper Title

TC Electronic Bonafide Buffer



 Analysis Plus


Big Heart Slides

Lizard Spit


Hercules Stands

Not Just Stands

Long Hollow Leathers

Gator cases

Kangaroo Covers

Gator Cases